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One of my favorite childhood memories is spending time at the Original Farmer's Market on Fairfax with my grandmother. Standing before the bakery window, my grandmother and I watched delightedly as the cake decorator piped mounds of soft pink buttercream in the shape of playfully drunken elephants. Those silly elephants – which in time became sweet dollops of my childhood memory – were piped effortlessly onto the cake, as if emerging fully formed right out of the circus tent. The effect was pure magic.


The art of cake decorating connects our senses in new and meaningful ways. Playing with our food is one of the first forms of creative expression, creating bridges between our senses, as we attempt to master our surroundings. As adults, cake decorating encourages mindfulness. The cake decorator from the Farmer's Market had to visualize the shape and character of each elephant before applying pressure to the piping bag. Through practice, like a calligrapher, he learned to master the sweet sticky medium. By taking the time to consider how to create beauty, we feed both our inner and outer selves. It requires breath and concentration and a healthy dose of humor. Here we can literally eat our mistakes!


I can place food artistry within your reach. By teaching you simple techniques in the comfort of your own kitchen, you can learn the magic of transforming dessert into art.


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