Decorating Techniques

This is an intensive, hands-on, personalized experience in the comfort of your own kitchen. We will focus on your existing skills to build a curriculum with your interests in mind. During our sessions, I will teach you specific techniques as well as the artistic decision-making process for why you should use each technique. Whether it is color mixing, piping, fondant work, or hand painting, I can make your caking dreams come true!

Single Lessons start at $200
Packages start at $800

Portfolio Building

Stand out in a crowd! Let's hone your style and put together a cohesive look book to entice new followers, book new clients, and wow potential judges! What makes your cake designs and flavors unique? This series is all about putting your best self forward by presenting visually stunning and on trend cakes that highlight your one of a kind style.

Packages start at $1500
Birthday Cake
Party Cake
Decorated Birthday Cake

Art of Cake DesigN

This is series teaches you how to design cakes for a client. You will learn how artists and designers use the elements and principles of design to effectively convey a visual message and how to apply this knowledge to an edible medium. This series starts with mixed media drawing projects where we will create illustrations to show prospective customers. We will explore cake shapes and their relationship to serving sizes, how to present and discuss proposals using the language of design.

Packages start at $1500